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TOP 6 REASONS To Buy A New Home

  1. LOW INTEREST RATES. Rates remain low; lock in a payment that fits your budget.
  2. AVAILABLE LOANS. Borrowers with good credit can get loans with attractive rates.
  3. COMPETITIVE PRICES. You can afford more home than you could a few years ago.
  4. GREAT SELECTION. With many homes on the market, get the features you want!
  5. ENERGY EFFICIENCY. Environmentally-friendly features can help you save money.
  6. MODERN FEATURES. Open floor plans, ample storage, outdoor living spaces—new and renovated homes fit your family’s lifestyle needs.

Homes of the Future

Whatever your plans for your existing or future home, research from the National Association of Home Builders and Better Homes and Gardens magazine shows what features and floor plans will be popular over the next few years.

  • Smaller homes with lower prices
  • More green features
  • Size of the family room will increase, while the formal living room, entry foyer and dining room are expected to decrease or disappear.
  • Average new home of 2015 will include a walk-in closet in the master bedroom; a laundry room; ceiling fans; a master bedroom on the first floor in homes with two stories; and a two-car garage.
  • The most common green features in 2015’s new homes will be low-E windows; engineered wood beams, joists or trusses; water-efficient features such as dual-flush toilets or low-flow faucets; and an Energy Star rating for the whole house.
  • 89 percent of consumers want highefficiency heating and cooling in their next home, 85 percent want highefficiency appliances, and 78 percent want upgraded features and fixtures such as granite countertops, wood flooring, faucets and lighting fixtures.

Now is the time to make your
dreams of home ownership a reality.

  • Interest rates are low. Prices are right. And there's a large selection of homes available to choose from.
  • The time has never been better to get the features you want in a home you can afford.
  • Smart shoppers know: now is the time to buy!
  • What are you waiting for?

It's Your Move… Thinking About Buying a Home?

Timing the market is a game you can't win. With today's low interest rates, competitive prices and great selection, now is the time to buy a home. There's no reason to wait to make your move.

Before You Buy,
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